Delightful party and the bounty was enormous.  Thank you all for coming and showing your support this year, many people were out and about thank you for all your feedback; and still, manage to feed over 35 dinners.  The Santa Lucia role played by Maile Melcher and she lifted all our spirits. The Gløgg, was fabulous made by Mychi Melcher, and helping with the paperwork and name tags at the front check-in was Elena Gordo and Malin Brown, thank you for volunteering.  Blake Johnson was this year's MC and the last years MC and the year before that... Michael Melcher started the introductions to the mic.  The current 2016-2017 Scandinavian Club of Hawaii President is Katinka Hammeric she read to us her Scandinavian family Christmas traditions. Her story is exactly how We remember the traditions too; we hope She will read it again next year. The Reading the Santa Lucia story was Bruce Holmberg, thank you for setting the stage for the Pageant.  The Gifts and the donation from the raffle tickets; Kirsten Melcher, and her elves (you know who you are, Mahalo).  The dining table centerpieces arranged by LaVonne Holmberg.  The Flags set up and break down by James Melcher.  Could not run a festival without all the volunteers, thank you all again.  All in all a very successful festival!  Thank you all for a successful 2016.  Now, let Rock-on-outa hear because here comes 2017 into the history books!  Happy New Year.Michael Melcher